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Training: The mainspring of police integration

Today, mainly based on the principle of "community policing", the training of police officers is an important factor in the creation of a police policy respectful for the values of our democratic society, the correct application of the state's laws, and its citizens.

Training has to allow the police officer to evolve positively in his/her career and to give evidence of having a particular expertise. The police officer has the possibility of reaching all levels and functions in the police structure. In the same spirit, training is also harmonized around a common basic education in order to make an important principle possible: staff flexibility.

Aim of the vocational training of the police officers

briefing after a shool exercise

The primary objective of the training is to bring those that benefit from it to acquire, and even strengthen, the skills that make them capable of completely exercising their tasks and responsibilities within the police organization.

Different types of training integrate four important subjects:

  • knowledge and understanding of legal and statutory capacities;
  • use of specific police techniques;
  • application of tactical methods and principles, and
  • acquisition of sufficient knowledge in the fields of behavioural sciences and human relations.

Constructed in a modular way, these types of training take into account an alternation of theoretical and practical school activities as well as periods of training in the field. Finally, the training articulates itself on the skill and competence profiles, meaning the knowledge, capacities, attitudes and potentials that the police officers will need in order to carry out their tasks and assume their responsibilities in regard to the job they applied for or currently hold.

These pages are only a short presentation of the Belgian Police and more particularly about the training. This is not a complete translation of our site. Detailed information and all the possibilities of the website are only available in French and Dutch.

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